Sales Professionals - Jakarta

Are you a successful Sales Professional in Jakarta looking for your next challenge? Don't miss out on this lucrative opportunity!

Securitas is expanding in Indonesia and we are looking for successful and experienced sales professionals to join our sales team.

Your Responsibilities

As a member of our sales team your job will be to:

  • Identify and canvass for new sales leads (using referrals, hot-calling, cold-calling, social networking or any other method).
  • Schedule appointments with sales leads.
  • Meet with sales leads, understand their needs, and to convey the capabilities of Securitas.
  • Convert leads into prospective customers by finding right solutions and preparing attractive proposals for them.
  • Convert prospective customers into sales by negotiating and closing the deal.
  • Achieve your assigned sales targets.

You will mostly work independently, but under the direction of our Sales Manager. Much of your time will be spent in the field interacting with prospective customers, and at other times you will be canvassing and making appointments from the office. 

You will meet with the Sales Manager weekly to present your progress and to receive guidance.

 Your Qualifications

  • You consider your sales ability to be your greatest skill.
  • You are comfortable with meeting people.
  • You do not take rejection personally.
  • You are computer litterate.
  • You have solid communication, presentation and negotiation skills.
  • You are self-driven and highly motivated to maximise your sales commission.

Your compensation and benefits

  • Attractive monthly salary (to be negotiated)
  • On-the-job training and familiarization
  • Lucrative sales commission - up to 16.5% of annual gross margin of every contract sold
  • Use of company vehicle

Important Notes

  • This vacancy is a hands-on sales position. Please note that we are are not recruiting for managerial or support positions within the sales department at this time (for example Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Sales Supervisor, Sales Administrator or similar). 
  • If you are called to an interview, you will be asked to provide details on past sales performance.
  • Please submit your CV and cover letter in English.

Submit Your CV - Sales Professional