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Background Checking

Securitas offers background checking as a service - the same background checking that we do on all our own staff, as well as for clients. The purpose is to make sure that security personnel, who are given access to sensitive information or properties, are unlikely to abuse the trust we and our customers place in them.

Background Checking / Vetting in Indonesia

Vetting in Indonesia, with its sometimes chaotic infrastructure and lack of accessible records is obviously not easy, but nevertheless a necessity for Securitas. Two experienced vetting officers within our human resounces department are dedicated to background checking full time.

Aside from readily available Police Clearences and similar, the vetting officers follow up on each piece of information given by each applicant in their initial application  (thereby confirming that the info given by the applicant is correct).

This is where the vetting process normally ends, but Securitas takes is a few steps further. Our vetting officers then:

  • Visit the neighborhood, talks to neighbors and neighbourhood officials (RT, RW etc).
  • Visits previous employers (thereby confirming that the info given by the applicant is correct).

This hands-on approach is unique in Indonesia and is a product of necessity: We need to ensure that we could trust the personnel that we provided to our security-sensitive clients, yet we found no professional vetting services in the market that we felt  confiden in. 

Eventually, our clients started asking us to provide this service for their own staff.  Today we offer vetting as a stand-alone service.

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