Securitas security guard Hongkong

Commercial Clients

Protecting commercial companies in different from protecting embassies in that companies need to be easily accessible to their customers. With large amounts of people and goods streaming in and out every day, access control and screening must be efficient yet non-obtrusive.

Office Buildings, Banks, Corporations

In addition to Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness, in commercial projects, tidiness and appearance of the guard is also important. Guards are the first person a visitor sees and companies want to make a good first impression. Guards in commercial projects must be helpful and service minded as visitors often turn to guards to ask e.g. for directions. All Securitas guards are trained in these skills.

Corporate Security Services

 We also provide specialized services such as remote monitoring, surveillance and mobile services. We have the resources to tailor cost-effective service packages, making us attractive to multinational corporations as well as the local corner shop.

 Securitas indonesia serves a number of commercial clients, ranging from office complexes, multinational corporations, oil & gas companies and banks.

Services for Commercial clients

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