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Industry & Manufacturing

Our security services for Industry and Manufacturing is a specialized market segment. The focus is protecting clients from losses, both from external threats and trusted insiders. Theft, fire, vandalism and sabotage must all be kept at bay without interrupting production. Interruptions are expensive, in time and money, and often also causes logistical problems.

Industrial Security - Loss Prevention

An industrial facility with a culture of theft and corruption will often have a degree of collusion between workers and guards. When mobilizing for such a project our modus operandi is to install our own trusted people in key supervisory positions and within the guardforce. Together they rigorously control and manage the project, and remain outside the social framework of the rest of the staff. Close communication between securitas’ and the client’s management is also vital. Particularly in the start up phase.

Security Solutions

As clients premises often cover large areas and require many guards, solutions that combine guards, technology and physical installations (e.g. fencing) are often most cost effective. Securitas will tailor a service package designed to mitigate your security risks, reducing your theft and help sustain profitability.

Services for Industry & Manufacturing

Specialized Guarding and Monitoring & Technology are important services for Industry & Manufacturing clients.

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