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Residential Security

A dominant part of our security operations focuses on protecting our clients residential properties, mostly occupied by expatriate executives and their families in Jakarta and elsewhere.

Guarding Homes and Houses in Indonesia

Guarding residences is different from other types of guarding. A typical residence is served by one post only. The guard is alone but he still must stay alert in a mostly very quiet environment during the night. The need for supervision is definitely greater than in an Institutional project with several guards on duty (“group pressure”) and direct On Site supervision. We therefore allocate these positions to our most trusted guards.

We have several control mechanisms in place to ensure that our guards do their job.

  • Roaming supervisors visit each house several times per shift at random. They have the authority to issue written warnings if guards neglect their duties, e.g. not locking the gate or sleeping on duty. Three warnings result in termination of employment.
  • Random checks by radio from our central monitoring station.
  • Computerised data collectors that keep an electronic record of all patrolling (reports available to clients on request).

In the event of an emergency, our guards will alert our central monitoring station, who in turn will dispatch the response teams. As they are constantly on the road, they are quick to respond. Our central monitoring station will also alert police, ambulance or fire department as required.

Strict procedures are in place for permitting entry and accepting packages and our guards are trained in identifying and handling suspect packages.

We perform thorough backround checks on all our guards. The purpose is to make sure that security personnel won't abuse the trust we and our customers place in them.

Services for Residences

Specialized Guarding and Mobile Patrols form the backbone of our Residential Security Solutions.

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